You can’t win if you don’t play! If your dream is to get an Athletic Scholarship - or just to play on a College team - the first step is simply to apply. Unclaimed Athletic Scholarships go to waste every year.

You don’t have to be the best on your team,
• to qualify for a Scholarship
• to play at the College level

But the coaches have to know you,
• your skills
• your record
• your interest in playing on their team

YourSportsReel can help,
• We work with you to prepare a sports portfolio to send to the Coaches at Colleges of your choice.
• The portfolio includes your Highlight Reel, a Video designed specifically for you.
• Our job is to present you in the most positive professional way imaginable.
• Your job is to be yourself, have confidence in your abilities, and go after what you want.

Your skills will get you on the roster. Our skill will present you and your abilities in the most favorable and professional light conceivable. We offer a Video DVD and website profile that will make the toughest coach sit up and take notice. Together, we’re an unbeatable team!



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